Resim 1

Easily chewable gel form

Resim 2

Made in Norway

Resim 2

Children love its taste and smell*

Resim 4

Free from added sugar, preservatives, lard and its derivatives.

Resim 5

Patented ConCordix® technology

Resim 6

Individual packaging

*Based on the results of survey conducted on site with a total of 1625 mothers between the ages of 20-46, in total of 56 provinces, between 08.07.2023- 28.08.2023.

Meet the easyVit® Family

Research and Technology

easyVit® is an innovative nutritional supplement family based on science. The manufacturing company, Vitux AS, carries out its production activities in Andenes, Actic Norway using the ConCordix technology developed by joint R&D studies with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. Check out the technology used in easyVit® products and the consumer researches conducted so far.

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