easyVit® products offer different products for Omega 3 fatty acids and support the needs of children and adults with the patented production technology.

According to the market research conducted by denebunu.com between July and August 2023:

9 out of 10 Children Love the Taste and Smell of EasyFishoil!*

The mothers of 9 out of 10 children stated that their children love the taste and smell of EasyFishoil.

%95 of Mothers Using EasyFishoil Recommend EasyFishoil!*

%95 of the mothers who use it for their children stated that they would recommend EasyFishoil to others.

*Based on the results of survey conducted on denebunu.com site with a total of 1625 mothers between the ages of 20-46, in total of 56 provinces, between 08.07.2023- 28.08.2023.